48 GENERAL STANDARD DISCLOSURES General Standard Disclosures Disclosure Title Page Number (or Link) ORGANIZATIONAL PROFILE G4-3 Name of organization Commercial Metals Company G4-4 Primary products, services About Us, CMC 2016 10-K G4-5 Location of the organization’s headquarters 6565 North MacArthur Blvd. Suite 800 Irving, Texas 75039 G4-6 Number of countries where the organization operates, and names of countries where either the organization has significant operations or that are specifically relevant to the sustainability topics covered in the report About Us G4-7 Nature of ownership and legal form About Us G4-8 Markets served CMC 2016 10-K G4-9 Scale of the organization About Us, CMC 2016 10-K G4-10 Employee demographics About Us (Partially reported) G4-13 Significant changes during the reporting period regarding the organization’s size, structure, ownership, or its supply chain No significant changes. G4-16 Memberships of associations (such as industry associations) and national or international advocacy organizations in which the organization: • Holds a position on the governance body • Participates in projects or committees • Provides substantive funding beyond routine membership dues • Views membership as strategic Managing our Sustainability Impact – Identifying Emerging Sustainability Issues STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT G4-24 Provide a list of stakeholder groups engaged by the organization Managing Our Sustainability Impact - Engaging our Stakeholders REPORT PROFILE G4-28 Reporting period About This Report G4-29 Date of most recent previous report 2014 G4-30 Reporting cycle Biennial G4-31 Contact point for questions regarding the report or its contents www.cmc.com (Contact Us) GOVERNANCE G4-34 Governance structure, including any committees responsible for decision-making on economic, environmental and social impacts Managing Our Sustainability Impact - Identifying Emerging Sustainability Issues ETHICS AND INTEGRITY G4-56 Organization’s values, principles, standards and norms of behavior such as codes of conduct and codes of ethics About Us - Our Guiding Principles, Managing Our Sustainability Impact - Acting Ethically The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is an independent institution whose mission is to develop globally applicable sustainability reporting guidelines. GRI is now the most widely used sustainability reporting framework in the world. Where feasible and applicable, CMC reports on GRI G4 standard disclosures. The chart below indicates where in our report you will find GRI standard disclosures. GRI Content Index