46 CMC STEEL SCHOOL Our “CMC Steel School” events continued successfully in 2015 and 2016. Nationwide, 115 customers attended a CMC Steel School in 2015, and 83 customers attended in 2016. During these events, customers are invited to tour our mills and learn how our steel is made. We are proud of our innovations and sustainable processes and appreciate the opportunity to share those practices with our customers. These events also provide an opportunity to build and strengthen relationships with our customers. We use this opportunity to talk to customers one-on-one and gather feedback on what is important to them and how we can improve our processes to help improve their business. We have held Steel Schools at CMC Steel South Carolina, Alabama and Arizona. CMC Steel Texas is holding its first Steel School event in 2017. Due to the success of CMC Steel School, in 2016 we held our first “CMC Fab School,” which focuses on the rebar fabrication process from start to finish. Our first class was held in March of 2016, and 24 customers attended the event. Twenty CMC employees from different lines of business also attended to better understand a different line of business and how their roles potentially interact. CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Feedback we receive from customers through surveys and other communications is channeled into our Continuous Improvement Management System. In 2015, we improved this system by integrating our customer feedback platform into our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Now, data collected through customer service requests generates interactive dashboards that make it easier to track real-time progress and report against our customer service targets. EMPLOYEE CUSTOMER SERVICE TRAINING All CMC employees, even if they don’t directly interact with customers, receive Customer Service Training. Everyone has a role to play in ensuring that our customers are satisfied and, as a company, we want to provide the tools and training necessary so our employees are empowered to solve customer service challenges with a positive attitude. Phase 1 of our employee customer service training took place over eight months between 2014 and 2015. We worked with an external service provider to help deliver four-hour customer service classes and trained 5,800 CMC employees. Bringing employees together from various business functions (e.g. Fabrication, Construction Services, IT, Recycling) helped employees better understand how their actions impact others, fostered an enhanced sense of team and encouraged greater ongoing communication between the groups. Positive employee feedback from this training led us to develop Phase 2. CORPORATE SUPPORT S H A R E D S E R V I C ES ENTER ORDER COMMITMENT/ CONTRACT INVENTORY/ PRODUCTION QUALITY ASSURANCE LOGISTICS/ SHIPPING DELIVERY TO CUSTOMER INVOICING CUSTOMER SERVICE CYCLE Where Do You Fit? CUSTOMER PAYS FOLLOW UP WITH CUSTOMER CONTACT WITH CUSTOMER FINANCE/ CREDIT INVENTORY OF SCHEDULED ACTIVITY