COMMERCIAL METALS COMPANY 2015-2016 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 43 CMCreinforces the commitment to customer service and product responsibility by listening to our customers, training our people and providing the products our customers need. APPROACH As highlighted in our Guiding Principles, CMC places customers at the core of all we do. We believe that if we focus on meeting the needs of our customers, we will succeed. To that end, we are in continuous communication with our customers to better understand their needs and provide creative solutions that add value to their businesses. Critical to doing this well is ensuring that all CMC employees are properly equipped to manage and respond to our customers’ changing needs and expectations. CMC’s Commercial Excellence Initiative focuses on multiple customer feedback mechanisms, a continuous improvement management system, and extensive employee training. Key Performance Indicators CMC has established Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to help us objectively assess how well we are serving our customers within each line of business in the areas that they tell us matter most to them and to encourage us to remain dedicated to improving in those areas. Our online management dashboard helps us track performance in areas such as on-time shipping, invoice accuracy, contract processing time, fabrication errors and more. This allows us to quickly and effectively address any issues and respond to specific customer concerns. Performance on these KPIs is tracked in real-time for each line of business and is regularly shared with team members and their managers, as well as our Board of Directors. Helping Customers Reduce Their Environmental Footprints As a company committed to minimizing our own environmental footprint, CMC also wants our steel products to contribute to our customers’ sustainability initiatives. We are an active member and supporter of the efforts of the U.S. Green Building Council in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED® ) initiative, and CMC leads the industry in providing information about the environmental attributes and performance of our key products. Having recently completed a manufacturer-specific Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for all mill products and CMC fabricated rebar and structural steel, we supply our customers with steel that can contribute a full positive LEED® credit under the new LEED® v4. For more information on how our products can help achieve LEED® points, please see the CMC LEED® Statement on Making Our Customer’s Jobs Easier with CMC’s eStore Our CMC Construction Services’ eStore went live in 2016 at, delivering a complete package of construction products and services to construction workers, contractors and engineers. Customers can create an account and then easily review all available CMC Construction Services products and submit orders from anywhere, at any time, via their computer or mobile device. Customers can also pull up account details like ship-to locations and can easily place orders for delivery direct to job-sites or for in-store pick up at a convenient location. Additionally, the CMC eStore enables customers to access Product and Safety Data Sheets for the products we carry online.