COMMERCIAL METALS COMPANY 2015-2016 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 37 City of Corpus Christi Fire Department & Florida State Fire College CMC recycling locations in Corpus Christi, Texas and Gainesville, Florida donated scrap car bodies over 2015-16 that Corpus Christi Fire Department and Florida State Fire College used to practice their jaws-of-life rescue skills. The City of Zawiercie CMC Poland purchased an ambulance for the local Zawiercie hospital in 2016 to help meet the needs of a growing community and ensure best-in-class healthcare service. CMC contributed to and volunteered with the local brass band; 60% of the members are CMC employees. “By utilizing the vehicles provided by CMC, we can incorporate real life situations. We cut doors and roofs, displace dashboards, cut through floorboards, tunnel through trunks spaces, etc. There is no way the fire training standard could be met without the use of these vehicles.” – Richie Lietz, Fire College Captain