32 r •  Provided CMC Poland employees and their families access to a Multisport Program which includes physical fitness activities such as swimming, gym activities, aqua aerobics, yoga, squash, skating and Nordic walking. In 2016, over 500 employees participated in the Multisport Program along with 300 family members (who paid a subsidized cost). Career Planning •  Developed career and development plans for our top 400 leaders. The Career Planning process kicked off in December 2015 and concluded with an Executive Leadership review and a Board of Directors review in March 2016. Management Development Program In 2015, we completed our regional Management Development Program (MDP) targeted at emerging leaders within the company. This program helps future CMC leaders develop their management abilities, learn valuable finance skills and gain exposure to all CMC Business Units and a broader understanding of our vertically integrated business. With guidance from regional leadership, teams of four-to-five employees representing a range of business functions worked together on a year-long project where they had an opportunity to identify and analyze a business challenge and propose solutions for overcoming those challenges. Employees who participated in the program said they valued the exposure to management team members, and appreciated sharing ideas with colleagues in different parts of the business. Individual Development Plans for Senior Leaders In 2016, we rolled out the core leadership competencies for our global Senior Leaders that were developed in 2014. Senior Leaders are assessed against these competencies, and, in partnership with their managers, create and work on Individual Development Plans. Throughout the year, Senior Leaders and their managers review their Individual Development Plans to adjust or update it as appropriate. As an outcome of the Career Planning process, CMC promoted and increased responsibilities for Senior Leaders. Part of our growth agenda is ensuring that our talent, in particular at the Senior Leader level, is capable and ready for leading larger and / or different businesses or functions. The Executive Leadership Team regularly discusses and assesses opportunities for Senior Leader development, and determines whether to move an individual to a new role, expand their responsibilities or allow the individual to continue to develop in place.