30 •  Graduated our first class in the Mechanical Maintenance Apprentice Program in 2016. Five students graduated as certified Maintenance Mechanics and one graduated as a certified Machinist. The second Maintenance Apprentice Class is on target to graduate in 2017. This program has helped fill some critical openings in the plant maintenance and machining areas at our South Carolina mill. We are currently planning to leverage the success of this program in locations outside of South Carolina. •  Expanded our internship programs – many CMC locations conduct internships for students in their local area, both in the United States and in Poland. In 2016, an internship program was formalized in the corporate office and the interns we brought in all chose to accept employment offers with CMC at the end of the program. •  Helped recent graduates gain three months of professional experience in any area of interest within the company through our apprentice program in Poland. Seven participants took advantage of the program in 2015 and 3 in 2016; two of these participants became full- time employees after completing the program. Performance Management •  Continued to develop and track annual, company-wide objectives and individual performance goals, including safety, customer service, finance and ethics training. •  Ensured every employee at CMC participated in a performance review meeting with a manager, and together set individual goals and objectives for the following year. These goals and objectives are reviewed throughout the year to ensure that both employees and their managers are on track to achieve success. Performance against these goals is tied to the base compensation component of employee salaries. •  Made our performance management process more efficient through the adoption of new technology. Our new digital platform enables us to quickly and easily review progress against the goals that are set each year, as well as track completion of performance reviews within a team, function and across the organization. Learning and Development •  Continued to roll out our Essentials of Management training program, a requirement for all CMC supervisors and managers. In 2015 and 2016, we developed two new modules each year that address core competencies for manager success. Topics that have been added over the past two years include time management and organization skills, and reinforcement of the three types of coaching – positive, constructive and corrective. These subjects were added to the core topics of effectively managing people and performance, selecting and hiring great talent, effective