COMMERCIAL METALS COMPANY 2015-2016 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 25 CMCreinforces our commitment to our people by making safety our top priority and by offering programs to help our people realize their fullest potential. APPROACH TO SAFETY Without exception, safety is our top priority. Responsibility for safety performance rests with the highest- ranking person on-site at every one of our facilities. These individuals report through a Regional VP and ultimately to our CEO, who reports on our safety and health performance quarterly to the Board of Directors. CMC has seen incremental improvements year over year in our total recordable incident rate (TRIR), which we believe is due, in part, to the effectiveness of our employee training and communication programs, such as our Proactive Safety Measures Initiative (PSM), safety video series and ongoing training. CMC regularly benchmarks our safety and health performance against the incident rate of the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) and other peer groups such as the Steel Manufacturing Association (SMA) and the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) to ensure we are comparing ourselves to industry bests. We also share data and best practices twice a year with peer groups via SMA, ISRI and the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (CSRI). Safety-Enhancement Highlights •  Our global TRIR was 1.5 in 2016, down from 2.0 in 2014. •  98 CMC locations achieved a zero- incident rate in 2015 and 113 CMC locations achieved a zero- incident rate in 2016. •  Rolled out Job Instruction Training (JIT) to over 30 CMC locations in 2015 and 2016 to accelerate employees learning how to do their jobs correctly, safely and conscientiously, every time. •  Continued to improve formal metrics for our Proactive Safety Measures (PSM) initiative introduced in 2014, and monitored progress. We’ve seen improvements in the level of proactive safety through this system, and an increased level of employee engagement at all levels. •  Strengthened our Global Safety Management System (GSMS), an online tool for tracking incidents, over 2015 and 2016 by streamlining the interface for data entry for employees. We monitor data from the GSMS closely which helps us identify trends and develop more targeted safety awareness training. • Implemented a new web-based Safety Data Sheet Management System across our U.S. facilities that enables employees and customers to access Safety Data Sheets on any chemical or material they are using directly from their smartphones. The data sheets are maintained by a third-party provider which ensures In 2016, CMC had 113 locations with ZERO INCIDENTS. 2.3 2.0 2.0 2013 2014 2015 2016 1.5 CMC Global TRIR (Total Recordable Incident Rate)