22 First Anniversary of EAF in Poland In May 2015, CMC Poland celebrated the first anniversary of their new electric arc furnace and caster. The efficient new furnace and caster have allowed us to transition from using two furnaces. In the first year of operation, the EAF met all strategic KPIs and continues to set new records in productivity and energy efficiency. CMC Steel South Carolina Know Your Numbers CMC Steel South Carolina installed new electrical meters to monitor consumption continuously through the process of melting scrap, casting it into billets, and rolling it into finished product. This system, patterned after the existing metering at CMC Steel Texas, provides a new level of information to help mill operators understand its energy consumption and electrical costs. This monitoring has allowed CMC Steel South Carolina to develop an expected baseline of performance so that we can quickly recognize when we are using too much energy. Advanced Analytics Help Uncover Greater Efficiencies In 2015 and 2016, CMC gave additional emphasis to optimizing our energy inputs per output of steel product by increasing focus on energy use data, made possible through the use of advanced analytics. Process data historians used in conjunction with analysis software have helped operators capture more data and better understand variables and options available, ultimately enabling CMC to make more informed decisions. This new instrumentation is continuously feeding information back to employees, which also helps identify and predict equipment failure earlier, before breakdowns occur. WATER STEWARDSHIP CMC recognizes the need for water stewardship throughout our operations. Water conservation is a growing concern globally, and we understand the impact that water scarcity could have on our business, especially in the southern U.S. where five of our mills are located. We are looking for innovative ways to improve our conservation, re-use and treatment of water. CMC Steel Arizona and CMC Steel Texas are both zero water discharge facilities. CMC Poland EAF CMC’s total water use recycled and/or re-used was 97%in 2014 96%in 2015 98%in 2016