b'CMC has been committed to the core principles of sustainability since our founding as a small metals recycling operation in 1915. Since then, we have grown into a major global metals industry enterprise, with nearly 200 facilities in more than 20 countries, engaged in recycling, manufacturing, fabrication and marketing and distribution.While the scope of our endeavors has enlarged exponentially, our commitment to the principles of sustainabilitysound business ethics, environmental stewardship, respect for our people and concernfor our communitieshas been consistent throughout our history.In our report, we will quantify how in this, our second century in business, we are operating as a responsible corporate citizen. At CMC, responsibility is not a recent trend; sustainability is not a sudden insight. CMC has already achieved a century of sustainability, and we expect to continue in this commitment for the next century and beyond.COMMERCIAL METALS COMPANY12014 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT'