b'In addition to traditional healthOur Positive Impact H I GH L I G HTS benefits, CMC also provides supportCMC continuously evaluates how to employees who want to proactively improve their health and wellness. well our programs meet the needs ofOF O U R For example, we offer:our organization and our people. We regularly gather and analyze data and Know your Numbers annualinformation to determine the impactVAL U I N G biometric screening for U.S.-basedand effectiveness of our program in employees and their spouses - each of our key areas of focus: talentPEO PL E All employees who complete theacquisition, performance management, screening pay a reducedlearning and development, total medical premium.rewards and career planning. OurACT I V I T I E S Quit Tobacco smoking cessationlearning and development and career program97 U.S. employeesplanning initiatives have also provenF ROM 2014registered for the program, whichto be a good retention tool, as talented was introduced in 2014. The officialmid-level managers and senior leaders roll out of the program will happenhave declined other opportunities in in 2015.order to stay with CMC. 92 global Career Planninglocations had a In 2014, the global Human Resourceszero incident rate.team revised and re-launched0the succession planning process, renaming it Career Planning. The new process focuses on the importance of planning for the future, to ensure continued business success, and the need to grow talent internally. Given the constant competition for great talent, this is an important talent attraction and retention tool for CMC. The Human Resources team and Executive Leadership Team worked together to identify a pilot groupAll CMC comprised of key positions withinemployees CMC to focus on during the firstreceived a year. Career planning sessions were conducted with the leadership teamperformance of each business unit and targetedreview in 2014.career and development plans were established for all potential successors identified for the positions represented in the pilot program. Going through the process of developing a personal career plan helped leadership understand the strategic importance of the initiative for the broader company.24'