b'Performance Management Learning and DevelopmentIn addition to these leadership CMCs performance managementCMC recognizes how critical effectiveprograms, CMC also provides system is designed to ensure that all leadership is in creating the culturetraining to individuals globally who of our employees are aligned with - andand work environment requiredare new to their role, including sales have full clarity on - the overarchingfor continued business growth andand communication courses and goals of the company. Corporatesuccess. To ensure we develop andjob-specific training. All training objectives are set every year at theenhance those leadership capabilitiescourses, including safety and code highest level of the organization andacross the organization, we deliver aof conduct training, are tracked cascaded down throughout all levelsnumber of programs and tools.through our Learning Management of the organization in the form ofSystem, where many additional online Essentials of Management iscourses are available to employees individual performance goals. CMCsa U.S. based curriculum foracross the organization. Education company-wide objectives are reviewedsupervisors and managers with twoand development are key ways that and revised every year and includenew modules rolled out each yearCMC invests in the future of our operational objectives such as safety,covering topics such as managingorganization.customer service and compliance withpeople and performance, selecting ethics, as well as financial objectives.and hiring great talent, effectiveTotal Rewards Every year an employees performancecommunications and collaboratingis focused on specific, measurableWe strive to be competitive in our goals that help him or her contributein a changing world. Supervisors andindustry with compensation, including to the achievement of the overallmanagers are required to attend theproviding a comprehensive benefits corporate objectives. Performance isnew courses offered each year, andprogram. In addition to enabling all of also measured by how the employeenew or newly promoted supervisorsour employees to benefit financially achieves those goals: the degree toattend all modules offered inwhen the company does well, we want which knowledge, skills and behaviorsprevious years. In Poland, there is to enable our employees to plan for were demonstrated. a similar program for employees whotheir future. In 2014, 93 percent of have recently been promoted to aU.S. employees participated in our Performance against these goalssupervisor role that consists of three401K program with an average deferral is tied to the base compensationmodules, focusing on the same corerate of 6 percent. component of employee salaries.competencies that a manager needs Leaders, managers and supervisorsto be successful. CMC encourages learning and are encouraged to have regularCMCs Management Developmentdevelopment, and offers tuition discussions with employees aboutProgram targets a group of mid-levelreimbursement and scholarship performance throughout the year, soleaders, from across all U.S. linesprograms for U.S. employees. In 2014, that there is full transparency on theirof business, for intense professionalCMC contributed $146,718 towards progress towards goals. At the end ofdevelopment and diversificationthe reimbursement of tuition, and the performance year, every employeeopportunities over a 12-monthawarded 324 scholarships to children at CMC participates in a performanceperiod.of CMC employees. review meeting with their manager,Employees in all locations have access and together they set individual goalsIn 2014 we increased our focus on global Senior Leaderto an Employee Assistance Program and objectives for the following year.(EAP), a free, confidential source for Development and defined a set of core leadership competenciesinformation, referrals and counseling essential for success at CMC. Ourfor our employees and their family. The senior leaders were assessed againstEAP is available any time, day or night, these competencies, receivedto provide help with lifes challenges.feedback, and in partnership with their managers, created Individual Development Plans (IDPs).COMMERCIAL METALS COMPANY232014 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT'