b'C MC has a strong proactive approach to safety. In 2014, we launched the Proactive Safety Measures (PSM) system to focus on potential unsafe activities and the root cause of safety incidents prior to an injury occurring. We believe that proactive corrective actions to processes and equipment have the potential to prevent incidents in the future.Under the PSM system, every employee is encouraged to identify all potential unsafe activities and report them in our Global Safety Management System. In addition to employee-reported items, near misses, first aid reporting, safety committee action items, inspection and walk-through action items, behavior-based safety observations and lock out tag out inspections are recorded for transparency, so each location can share ideas and best practices across our global network.The potential hazards and unsafe behaviors revealed in these observations will help us eliminate the causes of an injury prior to an injury occurring, as well as change the employees behavior to safety.These observations are tracked and count toward a location-specific annual PSM goal. These goals roll up and are a part of CMCs corporate objectives for safety and health performance.SAFETY ALWAYS20'