b'At CMC, we are committed to continuously reducing our energy consumption and associated greenhouse gas emissions across our operations. To support our facilities and global teams, we have established an Energy Effi ciency Program and are currently investigating a number of proposed projects including: water pumping effi ciency improvements, process energy optimization, enhanced training for mill operators, lighting improvement projects, reheat furnace effi ciency improvements within rolling mills and additional metering that will allow us to more closely monitor and assess our energy performance.ENERGY EFFICIENCY PROJECTSCMC Steel Arizona and SRP partnered to implement a new, more energy IMPLEMENTED IN 2014 effi cient air compressor at the mill, saving both energy and dollars.Improving the Effi ciency of theAir Compressor System at CMCSteel Arizonasave an estimated 1303 MWh ofhigher yield. The savings are estimated electricity per year, which equates toto be more than 31,000 MWh of Compressed air is required for a varietyan annual savings of $84,713. CMCelectricity and $1.1 million in 2014.of purposes at many of our facilities,also evaluated its compressed air including mills, rebar fabricationsystems in 2014 at two other plantsUpgrading Lighting atplants and recycling operations. Uses CMC Steel Alabama and CMC SteelCMC Facilitiesinclude the operation of pneumaticSouth Carolinain order to identifyIn 2014, CMC completed lighting tools, dampers and valves and theimprovement opportunities. improvement projects at eight of our cooling of equipment. In 2013, CMCfacilities. One of theseCMC Rebar Steel Arizona partnered with its localProcess Energy Optimization at CMCin Buda, Texasupgraded more than electric utility, Salt River Project (SRP),Steel South Carolina 195 fi xtures in its offi ces, fabrication to assess its compressed air systemAll of CMCs EAFs utilize three mainshops and outdoor areas, while and identify potential improvements. Insources of energy: electricity, carbonincreasing or maintaining the same 2014, CMC Steel Arizona implementedand natural gas. Operating the EAFslevel of lighting. New light fi xtures seven recommendations from theeffi ciently requires a balance betweeninstalled at CMC Rebar in Buda compressed air assessment, includingthese inputs. At CMC Steel Southreduced lighting power consumption the introduction of a new variableCarolina, a burner program wasby 56 percent, resulting in savings of speed compressor designed to varydeveloped to add less carbon to theover 145 MWh per year.the amount of compressed air itscrap bucket with each batch of steel. produces to match the needs of theThis resulted in reduced consumption operation. The new compressor usesof electricity and oxygen, as well as a signifi cantly less electricity and will 18'