b'Environmental Stewardship CMC is committed to minimizing our impact on theenvironment and protecting our natural resources for future generations. We take pride in our achievements to date and are dedicated to measuring, monitoring and continuously improving our environmental performance every day.Environmental stewardship at CMC isenvironmental stewards. In 2014, weIn partnership with Xerox, CMC managed by dedicated national andheld local Earth Day events at all of ourhas worked to confi gure printers regional operations teams and energymajor facilities. CMC employees haveconsistently across the company to managers. We have implementednot only heard the message, they trulyenter standby mode after being idle industry best practices across all ofget it. In fact, in many cases it isand also to save paper by confi guring our facilities. At CMC Poland, a leadingCMC employees who identify additionalprinters for double-sided printing.integrated management system isopportunities to recover and recycleNew pollution control equipment maintained that has been certifi ed tomore material or fi nd new areas forordered in 2014 and to be ISO 14001 since 2008.energy conservation.commissioned in 2016 at CMC We use a state-of-the-art informationEmployees at CMC Steel AlabamaSteel Alabama has been designed management solution to monitormake recycling a normal part of theirspecifi cally for energy effi ciency. environmental data, proactively trackday and have been known to take theThe induced draft fans and motors emerging regulations and ensureinitiative to separate trash from theirfor the fabric fi ltration system will use compliance in all regions. Quarterlyvisitors into plastic, metal, paper andhigh-effi ciency fan blades and variable progress reports are provided to CMCsnon-recyclable. Employees at CMCspeed motors to operate at high Leadership Team, which providesSteel South Carolina recognized thatspeeds only when necessary.oversight, guidance and accountabilityused brass cutting torch nozzles couldCMCs employee communication on our environmental performances.be recycled and installed collectionprogram includes an energy article in CMC also aims to elevate theboxes throughout the facility toorder to keep energy effi ciency and awareness of all employees aboutrecycle and save expenses. energy savings in our employees the responsibilities of being goodminds. CMC has also established a dedicated email address where any As one of the worlds leading recyclers,CMC employee can submit energy savings ideas.and as a responsible corporate citizen, CMC is committed to minimizing our environmental impact.COMMERCIAL METALS COMPANY152014 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT'