b'demonstrates how seriously CMCs Executive Leadership Team considers issues of ethics and integrity.All of our employees also have access to a confidential, 24-hour Ethics and Compliance hotline, managed by a third-party service provider. Employees are encouraged to use this hotline if they need advice on ethical and lawful behavior or suspect unethical behavior. Our General Counsel and Internal Audit Group are alerted immediately to any potential non-compliances and respond to these reports accordingly. All reported incidents of non-compliance with the companys Code of Conduct and Business Ethics and associatedCMCs Code of Conduct and Business Ethics outlines the expected behaviors of outcomes are communicated regularlyall employees in relation to one another and to everyone we do business with.to the Board of Directors and Executive Leadership Team. IDENTIFYING EMERGINGthe Board level, including determiningOur customers and employees have SUSTAINABILITY ISSUESa response strategy and monitoringthe opportunity to share feedback with progress on those strategies.us through surveys that are conducted CMCs Risk Management Committeeperiodically, and our shareholders have systematically identifies andCMC also identifies emerging sustainability issues through itsthe opportunity to openly engage with assesses emerging sustainabilityus regularly on sustainability topics issues. Every quarter, this committeemembership and active participation in a number of industry associationthrough investor meetings. meets to discuss and categorize all possible risks, including those fromcommittees focused on topics of safety,We are actively involved in a number of an operational, ethical, legislative,health and environmental stewardship.trade association committees focused market, human capital or reputationalBy identifying and proactivelyon key safety and environmental issues perspective. Sustainability issuesaddressing risks and opportunities,in our industry. These networks are addressed within this frameworkCMC protects and creates value for allimportant to us as we continue to include risks related to transparencystakeholders, including shareholders,share and learn about best practices and reporting, availability of labor andemployees, customers, regulators andfrom other member companies and emerging environmental and socialsociety overall. have the opportunity to benchmark our regulations. At each meeting, the topperformance against our peers. ten current risks are assessed in termsENGAGING OUR STAKEHOLDERSProactively sharing information on of likelihood and magnitude of impact.We consider our customers,our sustainability activities with The top risks identified through our riskemployees, communities andour investors, customers and local assessment framework are reported toshareholders key stakeholders in ourcommunities via a public reporting the Board of Directors and managed at sustainability initiatives. program is the right thing to do. It begins with this first report. COMMERCIAL METALS COMPANY132014 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT'