b'T he enterprise that would evolve into Commercial Metals Company was founded in 1915 by Moses Feldman, a man who embodied the American Dream of an immigrant fl eeing the Old World, struggling to reinvent himself in America, and fi nally, through hard work and integrity, achieving success.After opening a small recycling yard in Dallas, Moses steadily achieved success in the competitive industry by building a reputation for scrupulous honesty and a commitment to establishing strong personal relationships with the suppliers and buyers of scrap metal. Over the years, under Moses son Jake and successive CEOs, even as CMC has expanded into other areas of the metals industry, we have steadily increased our commitment to environmentally responsible recycling. CMC built on the spirit of our founders unwavering integrity and belief in personal connections by focusing on the safety and development of CMC employees and by establishing strong ties to the communities in which we operate.A CENTURY OF SUSTAINABILITY10 MOSES FELDMAN'