b'DEFINING OUR GUIDING PRINCIPLESOur company has always doneO U RG U I D I N G business The CMC Wayfollowing a set of core values that united and grounded us. Over many years,P R IN C I P L E SCMC has grown signifi cantly through acquisition, becoming a global enterprise, and in 2013 we recognized the need to build on our past successes and refresh and reinforceWHO WE AREthese values to refl ect who we are today and for the next century. We are a global metals company The effort to refresh these values was comprehensive. All employees across the global business were engaged incommitted to delivering industry-the updating of our core principles via surveys and facilitated focusleading customer service, groups. This ensured that the updated principles appropriately refl ected ourproviding an environment where current shared values and also built upon a deep rooted culture establishedour employees can succeed, by our predecessors over the last 100 years. Once fi nalized, our Guidingimproving our communities and Principles were rolled out company-wide, through a communication thatcreating value for our investors. informed and engaged employees, with touch points as varied as formal company meetings and informal cook outs with employees and their families. Our Guiding Principles are our core beliefs of who we are, what we do and what we believe. They form the foundation on which we build present and future success. They are the bond that links us together as ONE TEAM, and they are critically important to sustain our company through the years ahead.8'